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Free ZOOM Event

GLOW UP Workshop

In this inspirational online workshop, Health & Wellness Expert Vanessa De Marini will give you practical advice to get your Summer Glow On- any time of year. You are worth it!

GLOW UP Workshop
GLOW UP Workshop

Time & Location


Free ZOOM Event


About The Event

In this amazing event you will learn: 

1. The importance of a morning routine

2. How to shift unwated weight and enjoy it

3. Conscious eating and nourshment 

4. Listening to your body

5. Intention setting 

6. Pranayama excercises for focus 

7.  Complimentary 3 minute personal consultation from Health & Wellness expert Vanessa De Marini (Please book via email) *must be arranged via email link provided after the session and upon subscription only.

Be prepared to make some simple life enhancing changes and get your SUMMER GLOW ON. 

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